"A Sketch of the Mouth of the Cayanoga River"
by Lt. Henry W. Bayfield, R.N.

Inset map of Cleveland, 1828
Inset from a larger map


In 1828, the Hydrographical Office of the Admiralty, in London, published a map titled "A Survey of Lake Erie in the Years 1817 & 1818, by Lt. Henry W. Bayfield, R.N." This is not only the first accurate chart of the lake, but an inset map titled "A Sketch of the Mouth of the Cayanoga [Cuyahoga] River" is the first published representation of the village of Cleveland.

While the gross outline of this map are not unfamiliar, the river lacks its distinctive loops and bends and the old channel to the west at the lake shore. Moreover, the street plan of the village is a total fabrication. It was not until 1835, with Ahaz Merchant's "Map of Cleveland and Environs" that an accurate map of the city would be published. Nevertheless, Bayfield's map was the first one printed that showed the village as anything but a dot on the lake shore.

Additional details: "19th May, 1828" - "J & C Walker, Sculpt." - dimensions 19 x 12 cm. - scale 1:6,000

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