The Northern Ohio Map Society is a special interest group of the Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society, the region's association of book lovers, dealers and librarians. The map society was formed in 1994 and meets occasionally to visit institutional map collections, watch maps being made, hear lectures on cartography and anything else that might be interesting.

Membership is free, but joining the parent group, NOBS, is encouraged as they pay our bills! Dealers, collectors, librarians, archivists, academicians, students, and anybody who is interested in any aspect of maps is warmly welcomed to come to our cozy, informal meetings.

For more information, or just a live voice to talk to, call either Thomas Edwards, at (216) 623-2880, or Bill Barrow, at (216) 687-6998. We'll be glad to put you on our mailing list for the newsletter.

Hope to see you!

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As of June 21, 2003